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Saturday, 08 June 2013 08:58

Interview Questions for CAD

Face Interview with Confidence, professional Interview questions download from below link.

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1. Is it Possible to create pocket or groove as first features?

2. How to give tolerance to particular dimension?

3. What is use of creating datum?

4. Name any 2 Trlators in CATIA?

5. Can you pad open &intersecting profile?

6. Can I take portion of the one sketch for creating pad?


8. Can we use arc as axis for creating shaft feature?

9. What kind of profile should be there for creating stiffener?

10. Can we give two different angles for same face of solid by using draft option?

11. What is power copy?

12. What is user feature creation (UFC)?

13. What is the use of the option 'Duplicate data in CATIA model' in design table?

14. Is it possible to add some more parameters to pre-existing design table?

15. What are the different options in PASTE SPECIAL?

16. It is possible to create negative body?

17. What is use of REMOVE LUMP?

18. What is Reframe on & centre graph?

19. What is the use of 'REORDER'?

20. What is the use of PULLING DIRECTION IN Rib option?

21. How do I create a plane at angles to another plane?

22. What are the different types of coupling modes are there in loft?

23. What is the significance of specified representation in PATTERN?

24. How I can place the instances on both sides of original feature?

25. Is it possible to pattern the two or more features at a time?

26. What is meaning of 'explode' in pattern?

27. What are all the limitations of User Features Creations (UFC) as compared with the power copy?

28. Is it possible to change pattern as required to existing pattern?

29. What is 'Keep angle' in rib & slot?

30. Which is the better option to split which a solid: - a) surface b) plane c) face?

31. Is it possible to split using the SEW operation?


33. What is 'Simplified representation' in pattern?

34. What is IUA? What is its purpose?

35. Which is the better to split the solid a) surface b) plane c) face?

36. What is use the of MERGE END option?

37. What is the use of LAW function?

38. What is 'Reference surface' option in ribs & slots?

39. Example the significance of the options 'from side' & ' from top' in creating stiffeners?

40. What is 'KEEP SPECIFICATION' in pattern?

Download: CAD Interview Questions  Module3

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