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Friday, 04 February 2011 11:22

While constituting TTRC, the IIPC cell of Airframe Aerodesigns Pvt Ltd. Realized the “Great Education Divide” which exists in the professional course graduates in our country. We define this as the inability of a professional course qualified individual together, assimilate, organize, streamline & reproduce his or her knowledge of the text & learning thereof towards Professional development.

Our honorable advisor's, consultants from industries & Human Resource experts, realize that there is a huge influx of job seekers which when put to practical tests in professional world fail miserably, thereby bringing disgrace to professionalism.

AAPL- TTRC thus envisages various effective soft skill development programs under the capability enhancement tool named Metamorphosis which catapults a student/fresher/novice employee to professional success by the methodology of Transformation to Executive Roles.

Continual Improvement
Emphasis on Professional Growth Factors
Personality specific advice and solution
Redefining Problem Solving Tactics
Cordial Environment for all round development

A) Metamorphosis( Beginner): [5 days(15 hrs) – Short Duration program for Job seekers]


a) Understanding the Learning Process.
b) Business Communication (Basics) : Art & Science of communication, Types and channels of communication, Guidelines for written business communication ,introduction to efficient reading skills.
c) Introduction to Effective Presentation & Speaking skills.
d) Resume Writing and Interview Tips & Tricks.
e) Leadership & Confidence Building Techniques.
f) Group Discussion – Fallacies/Traps/Effectiveness

B) Metamorphosis( Intermediate):[ 15 days (45 hrs)- Suitable for Students/Job Seekers / new employees ( 1 month to 6 month experience)]


Includes all modules from Metamorphosis ( Beginner) along with the following additions :

g) Business Communication (Advance): Active Listening , Three step writing process, routine and positive message writing , guidelines for meetings , writing memos , circulars and notices.
h) Non Verbal Communication
i) Effective Public Speaking
j) Report Writing
k) Team Building skills
l) Rapport Building Techniques
m) Bird’s Eye View of Indian Work Culture Dilemmas
n) Project Management
o) Business Etiquette
p) Dealing Complex Group Discussions and Brainstorming Sessions
q) Conflict Management
r) Understanding the Concept of Management
s) Motivation, Coaching and Skills Enhancement
t) Developing an Assertive profile

C) Metamorphosis(Advanced): ):[ 30 days (90 hrs)- Suitable for Students/Job Seekers / new employees ( 1 month to 1 year or more experience)]


Includes all modules from Metamorphosis (Intermediate) along with the following additions

u) Awkward Business Situation Dealing
v) Decision Making
w) Team Building –Advance
x) Diversity Awareness Training: Communicating Across Cultures
y) Camouflage Tool at workplace – Training and Ethics
z) Blowing Off Negative Attitude

The Advance level which Brings in the complete Personality Development and Transformation also includes the following enhancement sessions:

1) NLP for Professionals
2) Goal Setting
3) Handbook of Grammar: Mechanics and Usage
4) Executive Approach to Problem Solving
5) Adaptability, Approach and Alacrity – Business Perspective

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