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Corporate Programmes :


TTRC enables business organizations to maximize business performance through a combination of comprehensive e-learning content, online information resources, and flexible learning technologies and support services.

Key solutions include:

TTRC Learning Management System:
• Reliable, flexible and cost effective way for Individuals and organizations to manage and deploy a rich array of content resources, including formal, structured learning programs or informal learning resources.

Additional Resources include:

More Effective Human Capital Management – Companies that identify, track, train, and reward the strongest performers are more likely to have the right people in the right jobs in the shortest amount of time.

Reduced Risk – TTRC’s objective and standardized approach to the performance appraisal process creates a valuable record of compliance and other regulatory agency requirements.

Important Benefits for ... employees:
• Revision of individual career goals as business conditions change
• 360-degree reviews for learning assessments
• Coaching notes

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