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Corporate Programmes :


TTRC enables business organizations to maximize business performance through a combination of comprehensive e-learning content, online information resources, and flexible learning technologies and support services.

TTRC is committed to helping its customers achieve sustainable business results and share the benefits of learning with their employees. To achieve this, TTRC provides:

• A comprehensive offering of high quality learning
Technology to leverage, extend and enhance the value of learning
Services to support our customers’ long term success
• Scenario based learning that enables learners to experience real world situations in safe, exploratory environments.

Key solutions include:

TTRC Learning Management System:
• Reliable, flexible and cost effective way for Individuals and organizations to manage and deploy a rich array of content resources, including formal, structured learning programs or informal learning resources.

Additional Resources include:

Seminars – Face to face live interaction with Experts & Co-learners leads to yield better results of TTRC’s valuable Seminars on hand picked topics

TTRC Community – For exchange of Ideas, discussions & knowledge sharing with other TTRC members, TTRC community forms a virtual learning center

Webinars – Online, Expert sessions provide a dynamic classroom experience delivered through the Internet to your desktop or laptop by world-class instructors.

Corporate Leaders are responsible for business strategies that ensure the success of the organization. In order to accomplish goals and implement new initiatives, senior executives must rely on the performance of each division, team, and individual employee to turn objectives into actions.

Important Benefits for the organization Enhanced Strategic Alignment - When employee performance goals are tied to business initiatives, everyone in the organization has a stake in the ultimate success of the company.

More Effective Human Capital Management – Companies that identify, track, train, and reward the strongest performers are more likely to have the right people in the right jobs in the shortest amount of time.

Reduced Risk – TTRC’s objective and standardized approach to the performance appraisal process creates a valuable record of compliance and other regulatory agency requirements.

Important Benefits for ... employees:
• Revision of individual career goals as business conditions change
• 360-degree reviews for learning assessments
• Coaching notes



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