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Pipe Stress Analysis


Piping system design constitutes a major part of the design and engineering effort in any facility. Stress analysis is a critical component of piping design through which important parameters such as piping safety, safety of related components and connected equipment and piping deflection can be addressed. The objective is to prevent premature failure of piping and piping components and ensuring that piping stresses are kept within allowable limits. This program is designed for personnel from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds and will cover the fundamental principles and concepts used in pipe stress analysis. In addition to meeting the needs of design, the course is structured to provide you an in-depth understanding of the engineering principles involved in material selection, application of code criteria and the tool capabilities along with case studies and practical. 

Final Year M-Tech/B-Tech Project assistance


 FINAL YEAR PROJECT TRAINING FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTSOur Approach: SIMPLIFY, UNDERSTAND & SOLVE Methodology: At TTRC Project Training is systematically implemented in the stated modules: 

  • Introduction to Project Planning & Management 
  • Problem Statement of the Project & Discussion onto the Project Methodology
  • Project Consultancy and Guidance  - Detailed Training & Analytical Design
  • Software training - CATIA, Creo/Pro-E, ANSYS FEA & CFD
  • Project Documentation Guidance
  • Project Review &  Certification.

Note: we undertake Project assistance for M-Tech/B-Tech(Civil,Mechanical,Automobile,Aeronautical) domain 

Certified Programs - 2 to 6 weeks



  1. Certified Program in Auto CAD
  2. Certified Program in CREO 2
  3. Certified Program in CATIA V5 R22
  4. Certified Program in ANSYS FEA V15
  5. Certified Program in ANSYS CFD V15
  6. Certified Program in CATIA, CREO & AutoCAD
  7. Certified Program in CATIA & ANSYS FEA
  8. Certified Program in CATIA & ANSYS CFD

Expert Programs - 1.5 months



  1. Expert Program in Product Design CAD for Aero/Mech/Auto/Civil Engineers
  2. Expert Program in FEA for Aero/Mech/Auto/Civil Engineers
  3. Expert Program in CFD for Aero/Mech/Auto Engineers
  4. Expert Program HVAC Design - CAD
  5. Expert Program in Piping Engineering

Diploma Programs - 3 to 6 months



(Internship can be availed)

  1. Diploma in Aero Structural Design & FEA Validation – CAD FEA
  2. Diploma in Airplane Design & Optimization         – CAD CFD
  3. Diploma in Mechanical Design & Validation        – CAD FEA
  4. Diploma in Mechanical Design & Optimization    – CAD CFD
  5. Diploma in HVAC Design & Optimization             - CAD/CFD
  6. Diploma in Piping Engineering
  7. Diploma in Pressure vessel & vacuum Vessel Engineering- CAD/FEA
  8. Diploma in Heat Exchanger design & Validation- CAD/FEA
  9. Diploma in Process Equipment Engineering - CAD/FEA/CFD
  10. Diploma in Civil Engineering FEA validation - CAD FEA
  11. Diploma in Product Design - CAD
  12. Diploma in Finite Element Analysis - FEA
  13. Diploma in Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD

PG Diploma Programs - 1 year (Internship Exp)



  1. PG Diploma in Aeronautical Design                     – CAD FEA CFD
  2. PG Diploma in Mechanical Design                      – CAD FEA CFD
  3. PG Diploma in Piping &  Process Equipment Engineering - CAD FEA CFD
  4. PG Diploma in Civil Engineering - CAD FEA